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E-Journal Internasional Kesehatan Masyarakat

E-Journal Internasional untuk Program Studi Kesehatan Masyarakat

NoThumbnailSourcesPublisherISSNFocus & ScopeStatus
1Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology (ASHE)Cambridge University Press2732-494XCovered topics include the following broad areas of interest: infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship, healthcare epidemiology, diagnostic stewardship, healthcare worker vaccination, public health policy, and occupational health concerns including blood-borne pathogen exposure prevention.
2Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and DiseaseCambridge University Press2040-1752focuses on the environment during early pre-natal and post-natal animal and human development, interactions between environmental and genetic factors, including environmental toxicants, and their influence on health and disease risk throughout the lifespan.
3Journal of Community HealthSpringer Nature1573-3610public health, epidemiology, preventive medicine, health promotion, disease prevention, environmental and occupational health, health policy and management, and health disparities. The Journal does not publish articles on clinical medicine. Serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas, the Journal features articles on research that serve the educational needs of public and community health personnel.
4Journal of Public Health: From Theory to PracticeSpringer Nature1613-2238public health, epidemiology, health economics, environmental health, management, social sciences, ethics, and law
5Prevention ScienceSpringer Nature1573-6695Prevention sciences encompassing etiology, epidemiology, and intervention are represented through peer-reviewed original research articles on a variety of health and social problems, including but not limited to substance abuse, mental health, teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, violence, accidents, suicide, delinquency, chronic illness, obesity, diet/nutrition, and exercise. The journal also has a strong commitment to health equity and addresses a range of prevention research topics related to health equity and implementation science. Prevention Science publishes literature reviews, theoretical articles, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, brief reports, replication studies, and papers concerning new developments in methodology.
6Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services ResearchSpringer Nature1573-3289effectiveness of services, measure development, economics of mental health services, managed mental health care, implementation of services, staffing, leadership, organizational relations and policy, and the like. Please review previously published articles for fit with our journal before submitting your manuscript.
7Health Services and Outcomes Research MethodologySpringer Nature1572-9400enhance the level of methodologic rigor in health services and outcomes research and contributes to the development of methodologic standards in the field. In pursuing its main objective, the journal also provides a meeting ground for researchers from a number of traditional disciplines and fosters the development of new quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods by statisticians, econometricians, health services researchers, and methodologists in other fields.
8Canadian Journal of Public HealthSpringer Nature1920-7476advance public health research and practice in Canada and around the world, thus contributing to the improvement of the health of populations and the reduction of health inequalities.
9Current Epidemiology ReportsSpringer Nature2196-2995offer expert review articles on the most significant recent developments in the field of epidemiology. By providing clear, insightful, balanced contributions, the journal serves those for whom an understanding of emerging knowledge in epidemiology is essential to understanding the patterns of health and disease in populations.
10Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric EpidemiologySpringer Nature1433-9285provide a medium for the prompt publication of scientific contributions concerned with all aspects of the epidemiology of psychiatric disorders - social, biological and genetic.
11European Journal of EpidemiologySpringer Nature1573-7284a forum on epidemiology in the broadest sense. It is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to all fields of epidemiologic research and to epidemiologic and statistical methods.
12Journal of Community GeneticsSpringer Nature1868-6001medical genetics, epidemiology, genetics in primary care, public health aspects of genetics, and ethical, legal, social and economic issues.
13Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health DisparitiesSpringer Nature2196-8837reports on the scholarly progress of work to understand, address, and ultimately eliminate health disparities based on race and ethnicity.
14Journal of Urban HealthSpringer Nature1468-2869analyses to advance the health and well-being of people in cities. The Journal provides a platform for interdisciplinary exploration of the evidence base for the broader determinants of health and health inequities needed to strengthen policies, programs, and governance for urban health.
15Cancer Causes & ControlSpringer Nature1573-7225variation in cancer distribution within and between populations; factors associated with cancer risk; preventive and therapeutic interventions on a population scale; economic, demographic, and health-policy implications of cancer; and related methodological issues.
16Applied Health Economics and Health PolicySpringer Nature1179-1896practical research, reviews and opinion with an aim to inform real-world healthcare decisions. The journal covers all healthcare interventions, including devices, diagnostics and drugs, and health policy initiatives.
17Occupational Health ScienceSpringer Nature2367-0142publishes articles of interest to academics as well as practitioners in the fields of occupational health psychology, applied psychology, public health, industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, nursing, occupational safety, epidemiology, ergonomics, sociology, human resource management, organizational behavior, and economics.
18International Archives of Occupational and Environmental HealthSpringer Nature1432-1246research at the interface of occupational health and clinical medicine, research from high to low-middle income countries, and research of vulnerable or underserved populations.
19Journal of Cancer SurvivorshipSpringer Nature1932-2267papers related to improving the understanding, prevention, and management of multiple areas related to cancer survivorship that can affect quality care, symptom management, function, and well-being.
20Journal of Parasitic DiseasesSpringer Nature0975-0703original research papers (pure, applied and clinical), which contribute significantly to any area of parasitology. Research papers on various aspects of cellular and molecular parasitology are welcome.
21The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & ResearchSpringer Nature1094-3412peer-reviewed issue includes an overview of contemporary concerns and recent developments in behavioral health policy and management; specifically, research articles, policy perspectives, commentaries, brief reports and book reviews.
22Current Nutrition ReportsSpringer Nature2161-3311provide comprehensive review articles that emphasize significant developments in nutrition research emerging in recent publications. By presenting clear, insightful, balanced contributions by international experts, the journal intends to discuss the influence of nutrition on major health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and obesity, as well as the impact of nutrition on genetics, metabolic function, and public health.
23The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's DiseaseSpringer Nature2426-0266original research articles and short reports to improve our knowledge in the field of Alzheimer prevention including: neurosciences, biomarkers, imaging, epidemiology, public health, physical cognitive exercise, nutrition, risk and protective factors, drug development, trials design, and heath economic outcomes.
24Journal of PreventionSpringer Nature2731-5541reducing negative social and health outcomes and promoting human health and well-being.
25Environmental Science and Pollution ResearchSpringer Nature1614-7499international community in all areas of Environmental Science and related subjects with emphasis on chemical compounds.
26International Journal of Mental Health and AddictionSpringer Nature1557-1882(i) mental health; (ii) addictions and (iii) psychometric analysis/validation studies about mental health and addictions instruments.
27Journal of Occupational RehabilitationSpringer Nature1573-3688a broad array of fields including rehabilitation medicine, physical and occupational therapy, health psychology and psychiatry, orthopedics, oncology, occupational and insurance medicine, neurology, social work, ergonomics, biomedical engineering, health economics, rehabilitation engineering, business administration and management, and law.
28Advances in Health Sciences EducationSpringer Nature1573-1677scholarly and state-of-the art research into all aspects of health sciences education. It will publish empirical studies as well as discussions of theoretical issues and practical implications. The primary focus of the Journal is linking theory to practice, thus priority will be given to papers that have a sound theoretical basis and strong methodology.
29School Mental HealthSpringer Nature1866-2633publishes empirical studies, quantitative and qualitative research, and systematic and scoping review articles from authors representing the many disciplines that are involved in school mental health, including child and school psychology, education, pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, developmental psychology, school counseling, social work and nursing.
30Journal of Cancer EducationSpringer Nature1543-0154to enhancing effective education about cancer related issues. Articles featured include reports of original results of educational research, as well as discussions of current problems and techniques in cancer education.
31Sexuality Research and Social PolicySpringer Nature1553-6610peer-reviewed state-of-the-art empirical research on sexuality, theoretical and methodological discussions, and the implications of this evidence for policies across the globe regarding sexual health, sexuality education, and sexual rights in diverse communities.
32Food Science and BiotechnologySpringer Nature2092-6456food chemistry and analysis for compositional and physiological activity changes, food hygiene and toxicology, food microbiology and biotechnology, and food engineering involved in during and after food processing through physical, chemical, and biological ways.
33Environmental Geochemistry and HealthSpringer Nature1573-2983establish and explain links between the natural or disturbed chemical composition of the earth’s surface and the health of the ecosystem, animals and people.
34Journal of Environmental Health Science & EngineeringSpringer Nature2052-336Xtimely research on all aspects of environmental health science, engineering and management.
35Environmental ManagementSpringer Nature1432-1009assessment, use, conservation, and management of the environment and natural resources.
36Toxicology and Environmental Health SciencesSpringer Nature2233-7784Focus is on risk assessment, environmental toxicology and environmental health as applied to humans (including epidemiological studies) and all the model organisms (including fish to mammal).
37Environmental and Ecological StatisticsSpringer Nature1573-3009collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of environmental data for research, policy and regulation.
38Human EcologySpringer Nature1572-9915Contributions to Human Ecology emphasize the complex ways in which humans shape and in turn are shaped by their environment. Original articles, research reports, and brief communications based on empirical research are welcome from fields as diverse as environmental impact studies, resource or habitat maintenance, health and nutrition, risk management, land use history—to name a few.
39Current Treatment Options in Infectious DiseasesSpringer Nature1534-6250state of the art reviews in infectious diseases written for the busy clinician. Timely articles will be written by some of the world’s leading experts in the field and the focus will be on new advances in clinical management relevant to bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
40Current Environmental Health ReportsSpringer Nature2196-5412a wide series of topics including air pollution, metals and synthetic chemicals, early life exposures, global health challenges, environmental epigenetics, mechanisms of toxicity, and susceptibility factors.
41Journal of Cross-Cultural GerontologySpringer Nature1573-0719Coverage includes a broad range of articles exploring global aging, from such perspectives as history, anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology, population studies, and health.
42Social Theory & HealthSpringer Nature1477-822Xall relevant disciplines in medicine and the social sciences to report on current high-level discussion and controversy over the capabilities and limits of health care in today's world of rising cost and shifting population. Also included are observations and insight from clinicians involved on the front lines of treatment and care.
43Health Care AnalysisSpringer Nature1573-3394promotes dialogue and debate about conceptual and normative issues related to health and health care, including health systems, healthcare provision, health law, public policy and health, professional health practice, health services organization and decision-making, and health-related education at all levels of clinical medicine, public health and global health.
44Health Care Management ScienceSpringer Nature1572-9389health care delivery, health care management, and health care policy.
45Health and TechnologySpringer Nature2190-7196health technologies addressing all professions relating to health, care and health technology.
46Current Sexual Health ReportsSpringer Nature1548-3592the art reviews from leading researchers, therapists, and clinicians in the field of sexual medicine.
47Community Mental Health JournalSpringer Nature1573-2789Areas of particular interest include critical examination of current paradigms of diagnosis and treatment, socio-structural determinants of mental health, social hierarchies within the public mental health systems, and the intersection of public mental health programs and social/racial justice and health equity.
48Journal of Civil Structural Health MonitoringSpringer Nature2190-5479health monitoring methods for the condition assessment and management of civil infrastructure systems.
49International Journal of Health Economics and ManagementSpringer Nature2199-9031health care systems and on the behavior of consumers, patients, and providers of such services.
50Journal of Immigrant and Minority HealthSpringer Nature1557-1920an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original research pertaining to immigrant health from contributors in many diverse fields including public health, epidemiology, medicine and nursing, anthropology, sociology, population research, immigration law, and ethics. The journal also publishes review articles, short communications, letters to the editor, and notes from the field.
51Maternal and Child Health JournalSpringer Nature1573-6628advance the scientific and professional knowledge base of the maternal and child health (MCH) field.
52Journal of Religion and HealthSpringer Nature1573-6571concerned with the creative partnership of psychology and religion/sprituality and the relationship between religion/spirituality and both mental and physical health.
53Canadian Journal of Emergency MedicineSpringer Nature1481-8043emergency medicine and the official publication of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. CJEM publishes articles of interest to emergency care providers in rural, urban or academic settings that reflect the growing interest in emergency medicine, both as a medical discipline and an expanding field for research.
54AIDS and BehaviorSpringer Nature1573-3254an international venue for the scientific exchange of research and scholarly work on the contributing factors, prevention, consequences, social impact, and response to HIV/AIDS.
55The European Journal of Health EconomicsSpringer Nature1618-7601The growing demand for health economics and the introduction of new guidelines in various European countries were the motivation to generate a highly scientific and at the same time practice oriented journal considering the requirements of various health care systems in Europe.
56EcoHealthSpringer Nature1612-9210to advance research, practice, and knowledge integration at the interface of ecology and health by publishing high quality research and review articles that address and profile new ideas, developments, and programs.
57Population and EnvironmentSpringer Nature1573-7810demography, geography, sociology, human ecology, environmental economics, public health, anthropology and environmental studies.
58BMC Public HealthSpringer Nature1471-2458Epidemiology, Public Health, the social determinants of health,the environmental, behavioral, and occupational correlates of health and disease, and the impact of health policies, practices and interventions on the community
59BMC Global and Public HealthSpringer Nature2731-913Xepidemiology, population health, health equity, environmental and occupational health, health policy, reproductive, maternal and child health, oral health, mental health and social determinants of health
60Journal of the Egyptian Public Health AssociationSpringer Nature2090-262Xpublic health, epidemiology, health management, biostatistics, occupational and environmental health, family health, nutrition, and tropical health
61Archives of Public HealthSpringer Nature2049-3258Health information systems, Burden of disease methodology and applications, Health policy monitoring and evaluation, including health impact assessments, The social, structural and behavioural determinants of population health and health inequalities, Methodologies in population health research and knowledge translation
62BMC Digital HealthSpringer Nature2731-684XMobile health applications, virtual healthcare and wearable technology, public health, medicine
63One Health OutlookSpringer Nature2524-4655human, animal, plant and environmental health; agriculture, food and water safety and soil health; disease surveillance, prevention and response, both infectious and chronic diseases; antimicrobial resistance; environmental toxicology detection and response; public policy and regulation; education, communications and outreach
64Discover Health SystemsSpringer Nature2731-7501National health systems, Private health systems, Integration of health informatics into health systems, Capacity building within health systems, Funding of health systems, Health policy, Health outcomes - patient/staff, Human resources, Operations management, Healthcare facility safety and quality (performance), Sustainability, Disaster planning and response, National-level training, accreditation and regulation of healthcare workers or facilities, Monitoring and performance of health systems, Related research methodology, Strategic management, Digital health, Healthcare finance, Management of organizations, Operating room and waiting list management, Process management, Value-Based Health Care
65BMC Health Services ResearchSpringer Nature1472-6963digital health, governance, health policy, health system quality and safety, healthcare delivery and access to healthcare, healthcare financing and economics, implementing reform, and the health workforce.
66Health Research Policy and SystemsSpringer Nature1478-4505organisation and use of health research – including agenda setting, building health research capacity, and how research as a whole benefits decision makers, practitioners in health and related fields, and society at large.
67Journal of Health, Population and NutritionSpringer Nature2072-1315global health, maternal and child health, nutrition, common illnesses, and determinants of population health.
68Environmental HealthSpringer Nature1476-069Xenvironmental and occupational medicine and related studies in toxicology and epidemiology that elucidate the human health implications of exposures to environmental hazards. Environmental Health articles are published with open access, and the journal operates a single-blind peer-review system.
69Reproductive HealthSpringer Nature1742-4755adolescent health, female fertility, and family planning and contraception, and all articles are open access. Reproductive Health has a particular interest on the impact changes in reproductive health have globally, and therefore encourages submissions from researchers based in low- and middle-income countries. The journal invites submissions on research in reproductive health, including social and gender issues, sexual health, country and population specific issues, assessment of service provision, education and training and also in a broader range of gynaecological and obstetrical topics related to reproductive health.
70Injury EpidemiologySpringer Nature2197-1714communicating epidemiologic studies of unintentional and intentional injuries, including, but not limited to, morbidity and mortality from motor vehicle crashes, drug overdose/poisoning, falls, drowning, fires/burns, iatrogenic injury, suicide, homicide, assaults, and abuse.
71International Journal of Health GeographicsSpringer Nature1476-072Xpublishing internationally significant studies of geospatial information systems and science applications in health and healthcare. With an exceptional author satisfaction rate and a quick time to first decision, the journal caters to readers across an array of healthcare disciplines globally
72Journal of Public Health PolicySpringer Nature1745-655Xaccessible source of scholarly articles on the epidemiologic and social foundations of public health policy, rigorously edited, and progressive. JPHP aims to create a more inclusive public health policy dialogue, within nations and among them. It broadens public health policy debates beyond the 'health system' to examine all forces and environments that impinge on the health of populations. It provides an exciting platform for airing controversy and framing policy debates - honing policies to solve new problems and unresolved old ones. JPHP welcomes unsolicited original scientific and policy contributions on all public health topics. New authors are particularly encouraged to enter debates about how to improve the health of populations and reduce health disparities.
73American Journal of Law & MedicineCambridge University Press2375-835Xhealth law journal devoted exclusively to the analysis of issues at the nexus of law and medicine. Its broad editorial scope includes health law and policy; updates on significant legal decisions and developments affecting health care; legal, ethical and economic aspects of medical practice, research and education; book reviews and much more.
74Health Economics, Policy and LawCambridge University Press1744-134Xforum for scholarship on health and social care policy issues from these perspectives, and is of use to academics, policy makers and practitioners. HEPL is international in scope and publishes both theoretical and applied work. Considerable emphasis is placed on rigorous conceptual development and analysis, and on the presentation of empirical evidence that is relevant to the policy process. A key output of HEPL is original research articles, but the editor also encourages readers to propose topics for editorials, review articles and debate essays.
75Disaster Medicine and Public Health PreparednessCambridge University Press1938-744Xthe medical and public health communities who are the stewards of the health and security of citizens worldwide.
76Journal of Law, Medicine & EthicsCambridge University Press1748-720Xpeer-reviewed journal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine. Read by more than 4,500 health care professionals, JLME is the authoritative source for health law teachers, practitioners, policy makers, risk managers, and anyone else concerned with the safe, equitable, and ethical delivery of health care services.
77Public Health NutritionCambridge University Press1475-2727epidemiologists and health promotion specialists interested in the role of nutrition in disease prevention; academics and those involved in fieldwork and the application of research to identify practical solutions to important public health problems.
78Proceedings of the Nutrition SocietyCambridge University Press1475-2719papers and abstracts presented by members and invited speakers at the scientific meetings of The Nutrition Society and, on occasion, those of partner societies. The journal provides an invaluable record of the scientific research currently being undertaken, contributing to 'the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health.' The journal is of interest to academics, researchers and clinical practice workers in both human and animal nutrition and related fields.
79Journal of Clinical and Translational ScienceCambridge University Press2059-8661investigations into how to best develop processes and people that translate discoveries into improved health.
80European PsychiatryCambridge University Press1778-3585provide state-of-the art research and policy updates and to stimulate discussion and debate amongst clinicians, research scientists and patient advocates in psychiatry, mental health, behavioral science, and neuroscience.
81CNS SpectrumsCambridge University Press2165-6509the clinical neurosciences, neurotherapeutics, and neuropsychopharmacology, particularly those pertinent to the clinician and clinical investigator. The journal features focused, in-depth reviews, perspectives, and original research articles. New therapeutics of all types in psychiatry, mental health, and neurology are emphasized, especially first in man studies, proof of concept studies, and translational basic neuroscience studies. Subject coverage spans the full spectrum of neuropsychiatry, focusing on those crossing traditional boundaries between neurology and psychiatry.
82Irish Journal of Psychological MedicineCambridge University Press2051-6967disseminate original scientific research to a national and international readership with the objective of improving clinical practice and service development in mental health. The journal advocates for delivering high quality clinical care and improvement in mental health services, and is committed to keeping the field of mental health vibrant and relevant by publishing research on novel topics. With a progressive focus, the journal provides important reading for clinicians, researchers, policymakers and all professionals with an interest in mental health.
83Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare EthicsCambridge University Press1469-2147an international forum for addressing the increasingly complex challenges of biology, medicine and healthcare. As a journal committed to expanding the community of bioethicists worldwide, CQ welcomes well-argued papers from a variety of methodological and normative viewpoints.
84International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health CareCambridge University Press1471-6348a forum for the wide range of stakeholders, including policy makers, academics, patients, health technology developers and health professionals interested in the intended and unintended consequences of health technology.
85BJPsych OpenCambridge University Press2056-4724methodologically sound research in psychiatry and disciplines related to mental health.
86International PsychogeriatricsCambridge University Press1741-203Xthe leading peer reviewed journal dealing with all aspects of the mental health of older people throughout the world.
87Prehospital and Disaster MedicineCambridge University Press1945-1938an international forum for the reporting and discussion of scientific studies, both quantitative and qualitative, that have relevance to the above practices. It is one of the few journals that maintain a global perspective in the publication of disaster health and emergency medical information. During the past two years, manuscripts submitted by authors from thirty-one countries have been published.
88Primary Health Care Research & DevelopmentCambridge University Press1477-1128specifically at both researchers and practitioners in primary health care, bridging the gap between primary health care research policy and practice. It provides a forum for the publication of international, interdisciplinary research and development in primary health care. The journal has a particular interest in research and development that addresses integration of health care services, intersectionality and transitions in care.
89Global Health, Epidemiology and GenomicsCambridge University Press2054-4200a platform to integrate population science, genomics and related technological advances in the global health context. Topics relevant to GHEG include studies, methods and resources relating to disease aetiology, variation in disease susceptibility, drug resistance and surveillance, pharmacogenomics and stratified medicine, as well as the challenges of implementing new developments into clinical practice and the community, globally.
90Research Directions: One HealthCambridge University Press2752-9460optimal health outcomes recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. One Health is an emerging paradigm seeking to engage interdisciplinary science with research scientists and professionals across society. Research Directions: One Health focuses on interdisciplinary outputs that employ a One Health approach at the interface between humans, animals and their environment, such as disease prevention, surveillance and management (i.e., preparedness and response).
91Cambridge Prisms: Global Mental HealthCambridge University Press2054-4251The field of ‘global mental health’ is still emerging, reflecting a movement of advocacy and associated research driven by an agenda to remedy longstanding treatment gaps and disparities in care, access, and capacity. But these efforts and goals are also driving a potential reframing of knowledge in powerful ways, and positioning a new disciplinary approach to mental health. GMH seeks to cultivate and grow this emerging distinct discipline of ‘global mental health’, and the new knowledge and paradigms that should come from it.
92Intensive Care Medicine - Paediatric and NeonatalSpringer Nature2731-944Xpublishing original research papers; evidence based guidelines-meta- analyses and high-quality review articles on pediatric and neonatal critical care medicine. It is intended for all critical care providers (attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, and physiotherapists, and others) seeking to enhance their own knowledge to ensure they provide Intensive Care Medicine - Paediatric and Neonatal best care for critically ill neonates, children and adolescents.
93Journal of Epidemiology and Global HealthSpringer Nature2210-6014impact global epidemiology and international health with articles focused on innovative scholarship and strategies to advance global health policy.
94Discover Public HealthSpringer Nature3005-0774be a resource for researchers, policy makers and the general public for recent advances in public health, and its uses in research development and society.
95Agriculture & Food SecuritySpringer Nature2048-7010addresses the challenge of global food security.
96Population Health MetricsSpringer Nature1478-7954advance the science of population health assessment, and welcomes papers relating to concepts, methods, ethics, applications, and summary measures of population health.
97Globalization and HealthSpringer Nature1744-8603pioneering transdisciplinary journal that situates public health and well-being within the dynamic forces of global development.
98Conflict and HealthSpringer Nature1752-1505disseminate insightful and impactful studies documenting the public health impacts and responses related to armed conflict, humanitarian crises, and forced migration.
99Global Health Research and PolicySpringer Nature2397-0642provide a forum for high quality researches on exploring regional and global health improvement and the solution for health equity.
100Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and PolicySpringer Nature1747-597Xlegislation pertaining to substance use; correctional supervision of people with substance use disorder; medical treatment and screening; mental health services; research; and evaluation of substance use disorder programs.
101Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and PracticeSpringer Nature2052-3211pharmaceutical aspects of healthcare policy, providing a platform to researchers, academics and practitioners from around the world to share evidence, concerns and perspectives on pharmacy systems, management, ethics, and financial analysis.
102International Journal for Equity in HealthSpringer Nature1475-9276a highly visible forum where strong evidence relevant to the search for, and attainment of, equity in health can be found. Served by a globally recognized editorial board, the journal publishes research which improves the understanding of issues that influence the health of populations and shapes evidence-based decisions by health policy-makers.
103Animal DiseasesSpringer Nature2731-0442focuses on the latest research and technology advances in animal diseases that are closely related to human health and explores challenges and countermeasures that environmental changes pose to animal and human.
104BMC CancerSpringer Nature1471-2407articles on all aspects of cancer research, including the pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.
105BMC NutritionSpringer Nature2055-0928articles on all aspects of nutritional sciences, including public health nutrition and global interventions, nutritional epidemiology, the biological underpinnings of nutrition in the body, clinical nutrition, health and nutrition throughout the lifecourse, and dietary supplementation for improvement in health and performance.
106Journal of Eating DisordersSpringer Nature2050-2974extremely heterogeneous illnesses, meaning that regardless of diagnosis, individuals vary significantly in terms of presenting symptoms, underlying causal mechanisms, and developmental factors.
107Harm Reduction JournalSpringer Nature1477-7517journal that publishes research and commentary on approaches diminishing the harm of stigmatization and criminalization of public health, human rights and social justice issues.
108International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivitySpringer Nature1479-5868devoted to furthering the understanding of the behavioral aspects of diet and physical activity and is unique in its inclusion of multiple levels of analysis (including populations, groups and individuals) and its inclusion of epidemiology, behavioral, theoretical and measurement research areas.
109Research in Health Services & RegionsSpringer Nature2730-9827provides a forum for scientists focusing on health services research - in and for regions. Regional comparisons, whether on a small scale or based on larger areas, are becoming more and more important for health policy decisions that cover a broad spectrum of aspects ranging from benchmarking to locally adapted interventions to the identification of unfavourable variation in health care delivery.
110Nutrition JournalSpringer Nature1475-2891novel surveillance, epidemiologic, and intervention research that sheds light on i) influences (e.g., familial, environmental) on eating patterns; ii) associations between eating patterns and health, and iii) strategies to improve eating patterns among populations.
111One Health AdvancesSpringer Nature2731-9970intersection of animal, human, and environmental health. The journal aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from the fields of veterinary and human medicine & health, the food sector and the environment by providing a platform to advance knowledge, techniques and strategies in the global public health.
112Implementation ScienceSpringer Nature1748-5908a pioneering, highly-accessed journal dedicated to publishing evidence regarding methods for promoting the uptake of consolidated research findings into routine healthcare practice and health policy.
113Journal of Activity, Sedentary and Sleep BehaviorsSpringer Nature2731-4391embraces the development of knowledge and research that adopts a 24-hour approach when examining or manipulating physical activity, sedentary and sleep behaviors and their effect on health.
114Discover ToxicologySpringer Nature3004-8893be a resource for researchers, policy makers and the general public for recent advances in all aspects of toxicology and its applications in research, development and society.
115Journal of Occupational Medicine and ToxicologySpringer Nature1745-6673clinicians and researchers, the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology is a multi-disciplinary, open access journal which publishes original research on the clinical and scientific aspects of occupational and environmental health.
116BMC Infectious DiseasesSpringer Nature1471-2334articles on all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases in humans and animals, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.
117BMC Medical EducationSpringer Nature1472-6920peer-reviewed research articles in relation to the education and training of healthcare professionals. The journal welcomes studies on students and professionals across all levels of education; education delivery aspects; and other education-related topics.
118npj mental health researchSpringer Nature2731-4251considers all aspects of research that aims to understand, diagnose, and treat mental health disorders, while also enhancing overall well-being, building resilience, and promoting optimal functioning at both individual and population levels.
119npj Women's HealthSpringer Nature2948-1716considers all aspects of women's health throughout the life-course, including adolescent, sexual, reproductive, maternal/newborn, midlife, and geriatric care. We acknowledge that the need for women’s health research extends beyond issues predominantly experienced by cisgender women. As such, our scope includes transgender and non-binary individuals and their communities.
120npj Metabolic Health and DiseaseSpringer Nature2948-2828considers all aspects of metabolism, including the basic mechanisms of metabolism and metabolic diseases, as well as pre-clinical and clinical studies focussing on diagnostic tools, effects of interventions for the prevention and treatment of metabolic pathophysiology, epidemiology, public health, and global health.
121Tropical Medicine and HealthSpringer Nature1349-4147peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and reviews on all aspects of tropical medicine and global health. The journal welcomes clinical, epidemiological, laboratory and policy research.
122Health and Quality of Life OutcomesSpringer Nature1477-7525considering original manuscripts on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL).
123BMC Primary CareSpringer Nature2731-4553considers articles on all aspects of primary health care research. The journal has a special focus on clinical practice and decision-making, continuing professional education, eHealth, health services research in primary care settings, and health promotion.
124Parasites & VectorsSpringer Nature1756-3305articles on the biology of parasites, parasitic diseases, intermediate hosts, vectors and vector-borne pathogens.
125BMC Medical GenomicsSpringer Nature1755-8794all aspects of functional genetics and genomics, genome structure, genome-scale population genetics, epigenetics and epigenomics, proteomics, systems analysis, and pharmacogenomics in relation to human health and disease.
126npj Digital MedicineSpringer Nature2398-6352all aspects of digital medicine including the clinical application and implementation of digital and mobile technologies, virtual healthcare, and innovative applications of artificial intelligence and informatics. The journal aims to guide the transformation of health and healthcare through the incorporation of novel digital and mobile technologies.
127Health & JusticeSpringer Nature2194-7899aims for a broad reach, including researchers, justice practitioners, such as judges, prosecutors and defenders, probation officers, law-enforcement, treatment providers, plus mental health and medical personnel working with justice-involved individuals. The journal is open to submissions from varied disciplines and covers a broad array of research topics: public health, criminology and criminal justice, medical science, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology and the social sciences.
128Crop HealthSpringer Nature2948-1945Arthropod-borne diseases, abiotic stress, biological control, biotoxins, ecology & evolution, environmental biology, environmental toxicology, epigenetics, global climate change, insect science, invasion biology, rodent biology, microbiome & multitrophic interaction, mite biology, nanotechnology, pathogen biology, pesticide science, phenotyping, plant biotic interactions, plant pathology, plant resilience, plant immunity and resistance, weed science.
129BMC Oral HealthSpringer Nature1472-6831articles on all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the mouth, teeth and gums, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.
130BMC Women's HealthSpringer Nature1472-6874all aspects of the health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and women, with a particular focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of women in developed and developing nations. The journal welcomes submissions on women's public health issues, health behaviours, breast cancer, gynecological diseases, mental health and health promotion.
131npj Cardiovascular HealthSpringer Nature2948-2836research that explores the causes, prevention, and management of cardiovascular diseases by using clinical trials, observational studies, or basic and translational research.
132Health Economics ReviewSpringer Nature2191-1991health economic evaluations, macro- and microeconomics of health care financing, health insurance and reimbursement as well as economics-related health systems, health services research and health policy analysis.
133Journal of Medical Case ReportsSpringer Nature1752-1947consider any original case report that expands the field of general medical knowledge, and original research relating to case reports.
134Implementation Science CommunicationsSpringer Nature2662-2211publish research to foster the uptake of evidence based practices and policies that affect health care delivery and health outcomes in clinical, organizational, or policy contexts.
135Addiction Science & Clinical PracticeSpringer Nature1940-0640provides a forum for clinically relevant research and perspectives that contribute to improving the quality of care for people with unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use and addictive behaviours across a spectrum of clinical settings.
136Infectious Diseases of PovertySpringer Nature2049-9957topic areas and methods that address essential public health questions relating to infectious diseases of poverty.