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E-Journal Internasional Hukum

E-Journal Internasional untuk Program Studi Hukum

NoThumbnailSourcesPublisherISSNMain TopicsStatus
1Liverpool Law Review: A Journal of Contemporary Legal and Social Policy IssuesSpringer Nature1572-8625theoretical and practical legal and social policy matters - including public law, private law, civil and criminal justice, international law, ethics and legal theory
2Criminal Law Forum: The Official Journal of the Society for the Reform of Criminal LawSpringer Nature1572-9850Criminal Law
4International Journal for the Semiotics of LawSpringer Nature1572-8722rhetoric, history of political and legal discourses, philosophy of language, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, legal philosophy or legal theory, hermeneutics, the relation between psychoanalysis and language, the intersection between law and literature, as well as the relation between law and aesthetics
5Feminist Legal StudiesSpringer Nature1572-8455Feminist, Legal, Law, postcolonial, transnational and poststructuralist work
6Law and Philosophy: An International Journal for Jurisprudence and Legal PhilosophySpringer Nature1573-0522jurisprudence and legal philosophy, major legal traditions - common law, civil law, or the socialist tradition
7Ecclesiastical Law JournalCambridge University Press1751-8539Law, Religion
8Global ConstitutionalismCambridge University Press2045-3825International Law, Political Science, International Relations, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and Philosophy
9European Law OpenCambridge University Press2752-6135European law, law, political, cultural, social, economic
10German Law JournalCambridge University Press2071-8322Law, German Law, European Law, International law
11Journal of International Humanitarian ActionSpringer Nature2364-3404international humanitarian law,
12American Journal of International LawCambridge University Press2161-7953public and private international law and foreign relations law