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E-Book Kesehatan Masyarakat

E-Book Internasional untuk Program Studi Kesehatan Masyarakat

NoThumbnailTitleAuthorPublisherISBNYearMain SubjectsKeywordsLink
1The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Menstruation StudiesChris Bobel, Inga T. Winkler, Breanne Fahs, Katie Ann Hasson, Elizabeth Arveda Kissling, Tomi-Ann RobertsSpringer Nature978-981-15-0614-72020Gender Studies, Medicine/Public Health, generalCritical Menstruation Studies,
gender inequality,
menstrual activism,
menstrual discourses,
menstruation and sexuality,
menstrual health,
menstrual justice,
politics of menstruation
2Evidence-Based Medicine - A Paradigm Ready To Be Challenged?Marie-Caroline SchulteSpringer Nature978-3-476-05703-72020Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Medicine/Public Health, generalPhilosophy of medicine,
Hahnemann Edzard Ernst,
Jeremy Howick,
Thomas Kuhn,
Informed consent,
Bench to bedside,
External validity,
Randomised controlled trials,
Evidence-based medicine
3Longer-Term Psychiatric Inpatient Care for AdolescentsPhilip HazellSpringer Nature978-981-19-1950-32022Sociology, general, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine/Public Health, generalmental health service,
adolescent psychiatry,
youth health,
psychiatric inpatient treatment,
mental disorders,
mental illness,
child and adolescent mental health,
mental health inpatient facilities,
public health,
psychiatric hospital
4Global LGBTQ HealthSel J. Hwahng, Michelle R. KaufmanSpringer Nature978-3-031-36204-02024Public Health, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Social Structure, Social Inequalitycomparative LGBTQ health issues,
bisexual men's and bisexual women's health,
ethnic minority and indigenous health,
gay and lesbian health,
global LGBTQ health disparities,
sexual and gender minority health,
global trans health,
global vulnerable populations,
high-risk GLBTQ+ health,
LGBTQ health geography,
LGBTQ immigrant and migrant health,
low-income LGBTQ communities,
MSM (men who have sex with men),
queer studies,
sexual and gender diversity,
transnational LGBTQ health,
WSW (women who have sex with women),
5Mining Gold and Manufacturing IgnoranceJock McCulloch , Pavla MillerSpringer Nature978-981-19-8327-62023Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine, Public Health, History of Science, African History, Imperialism and ColonialismGoldmining,
Occupational lung disease,
Southern Africa,
Occupational injury,
African studies,
History of mining,
6Managing Infodemics in the 21st CenturyTina D. Purnat, Tim Nguyen, Sylvie BriandSpringer Nature978-3-031-27789-42023Public Health, Media and Communication, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Science and Technology Studies, Social Media, Social MediaInfodemic management,
Health emergency response,
Health Misinformation,
Health Disinformation,
Information gap,
Risk communication in health and science,
Health communiation strategies,
Science communication strategies,
Dissemination science,
Health literacy,
Media literacy,
Digital information,
Media manipulation,
Social media platforms and regulation,
Message tailoring,
Social and behavior change campaigns,
Acute public health events,
7Assessment of Cancer ScreeningPamela M. MarcusSpringer Nature978-3-030-94577-02022Oncology, Biomedicine, general, Public HealthCancer Prevention,
Cancer Statistics,
Cancer Performance Measures,
Cancer Population Measures,
Cancer Screening Process
8Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk AssessmentDilly OC Anumba, Shamanthi M. JayasooriyaSpringer Nature978-3-031-04462-52022Gynecology, Pediatrics, Public HealthPregnancy,
Risk assessment,
Substance abuse,
Preterm birth,
9Improving Oncology WorldwideUta Schmidt-StraßburgerSpringer Nature978-3-030-96053-72022Oncology, Public Health, PharmacySDG3,
Public Health,
Sustainable development,
Equal access,
Cancer care,
Medical education,
Clinical research,
Essential medicines,
Online learning
10A Practical Guide on Behaviour Change Support for Self-Managing Chronic DiseaseMara Pereira Guerreiro, Isa Brito Félix, Marta Moreira MarquesSpringer Nature978-3-031-20010-62023Medicine/Public Health, general, Psychology, general, Physiology, PharmacyPsychology,
Behavioral sciences,
Chronic disease,
Competency framework,
Digital education
11How to Practice Academic Medicine and Publish from Developing Countries?Samiran Nundy , Atul Kakar , Zulfiqar A. BhuttaSpringer Nature978-981-16-5248-62021Medicine/Public Health, general, Biomedicine, general, Research Skills, Medical Education, Health Care ManagementPractising academic medicine in developing countries,
How to write a research paper?,
How to design your study?,
Academic Writing,
Medical academics,
Research ethics
12The Pathway to Publishing: A Guide to Quantitative Writing in the Health SciencesStephen Luby , Dorothy L. SouthernSpringer Nature978-3-030-98175-42022Medicine/Public Health, general, Biomedicine, general, Sociology, general, Science and Technology Studies, Media and Communication, Writing SkillsScientific writing,
Peer review,
Science manuscript writing,
Writing for non-English speakers,
Journal article,
scientific review,
scientific communication,
scientific writing,
common errors,
early career scientist,
creating presentations,
publication ethics
13Parasites, Pussycats and PsychosisE. Fuller TorreySpringer Nature978-3-030-86811-62021Medicine/Public Health, general, Psychiatryzoonosis,
Toxoplasma gondii,
14Human FlourishingMireia Las Heras, Marc Grau Grau, Yasin RofcaninSpringer Nature978-3-031-09786-72022Organization, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Medicine/Public Health, general, Philosophy, general, NeuropsychologyOrganization,
Human Resources,
15AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy CityJean-Paul CloseSpringer Nature978-3-319-26940-52016Development Economics, Migration, Medicine/Public Health, general, Monitoring/Environmental AnalysisAiREAS,
healthy city,
sustainable progress,
public health,
urban development
16Machine Learning in Medicine - a Complete OverviewTon J. Cleophas , Aeilko H. ZwindermanSpringer Nature978-3-319-15195-32015Biomedicine general, Medicine/Public Health, general, Statistics, general, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, multidisciplinaryCoputer science,
Data mining,
Machine learning,
SPSS statistical software,
various data mining software packages
17Japan NutritionTeiji NakamuraSpringer Nature978-981-16-6316-12021Nutrition, Food Science, Medicine/Public Health, general, Social Sciences, generalMalnutrition,
Nutrition policy,
Dietitian and nutritionist,
International nutrition,
Double load of malnutrition,
Hospital diets,
Healthy longevity and nutrition,Human nutrition,
SDGs and nutrition,
COVID-19 and nutrition
18Cancer in the Arab WorldHumaid O. Al-Shamsi, Ibrahim H. Abu-Gheida, Aydah Al-AwadhiSpringer Nature978-981-16-7945-22022Oncology, Medical and Radiation Physics, Medicine/Public Health, generalMalignancy,
Radiation oncology,
Arab League Countries,
Palliative care systems and Hospices
19Digital Health Care in TaiwanPo-Chang Lee, Joyce Tsung-Hsi Wang, Tzu-Yu Chen, Chia-hui PengSpringer Nature978-3-031-05160-92022Health Care Management, Health Informatics, Public Health, Medicine/Public Health, generalTaiwan National Health Insurance Administration,
digital health,
big data and AI,
health system,
health care,
medical care,
medical costs,
healthcare costs,
medical payment system,
social insurance,
universal health coverage,
health equity,
drug reimbursement,
medical device reimbursement
medical expense claims data
health policy
single-payer system
20Work and Occupation in French and English Mental Hospitals, c.1918-1939Jane FreebodySpringer Nature978-3-031-13105-92023History of France, History of Britain and Ireland, History of Medicine, History of Science, Labor History
21Digital Health Transformation, Smart Ageing, and Managing DisabilityKim Jongbae, Mounir Mokhtari, Hamdi Aloulou, Bessam Abdulrazak, Lee SeungbokSpringer Nature978-3-031-43950-62023Computer Communication Networks, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer Applications, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Computer System Implementation